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Wedding Pictures

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This page has a lot of pictures on it, so if you have a slow connection,
you can wait for them to load!  But you don't have to.

The photographer said, "Play with each other."  The rest of the photos in this set are not really appropriate for family viewing.

Wow, you'd almost think we were cute, or sweet, or something.  LIES ALL LIES

Sorry guys, this picture is pretty normal.

Here are some of the oh-so-fine people that we were honored to have in the ceremony with us!  Maybe you know some of them?  Or, maybe you don't.

Left to right: Thea, Todd, Cat, Brian, Nikki, Dave, Nathan, Katie, Stephen, Aubrey, Mike.

Then, as so often happens, a rumble broke out.  Brian lipped off to Todd and the rest was history.

hey come back

Then, we walked away.

Walking around, dancing, and kung-fu fighting were all made super comfy by the standard uniform of Chucks.

This is pretty much all you need to see from the ceremony.  Sorry it's a little blurry, but we were moving THAT FAST.

Also the flowers in the foreground are important I guess?  They're in focus, so probably.

Nikki: "Thank you all for coming!"
Dave: "None of you will leave here alive."

Watch the hands there, buddy.

This was our cake!  It was pretty cool.  You can click the picture to take a closer look - that way you can really appreciate all the nuances. 

Kudos to Mike's Amazing Cakes in Redmond, WA!

Also, there are some pictures from the honeymoon!

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