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Honeymoon Pictures

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There are more pictures on this page than on the wedding page!  So, now you've been warned.

We started in Athens, Greece.
  It is a bustling hamlet of several dozen very industrious people. 

This is the Parthenon.  It was broken when we got there, I swear.

Ha ha look at the signs man we are pretty clever huh.

Our friend Sotiris, a native of Greece (a "Greeci") was a wonderful tour guide and made a lovely last-minute addition to this picture.  (Some of you may know him as 'Faid')

This was a Turkish bath house.  There were no Turks in it while we were there.

At a fast food chain called Goody's, you get a little fork to eat your fries with.  Europe is ahead of America in millions of tiny ways.

This was our cruise ship.  We had it mostly to ourselves and a few hundred other people.  You can see many of them on the dock on the far left, to give you a sense of scale.

Apparently we are sinking?

It was lovely crusing through the Greek Isles.  Sunrise and sunset were both over the water.  Also, noon and midnight.  For days.

This is the island of Santorini.  Everything was cobblestone, whitewash, and souvenir shops.  It had a million tiny, winding streets which would be the perfect setting for a motorcycle chase in the next Bond movie.

This was a casino in Romania.  It's actually pretty new, but the authentic ruins and stuff were pretty boring.  SORRY BYZANTINES

We also went swimming in the ocean!  In this part of the world, children swim naked until they are about six or seven.  We saw some poo logs floating right on the surface of the water no lie.

This was on a tea plantation in Russia.  I guess the bear gives you tea?

These are the famous "Potemkin Steps" in Odessa, Ukraine.  Man, those Odessans sure love those steps.  Good thing there was a famous movie made here otherwise I don't know what they'd talk about all day.

This is the inside of a secret Soviet submarine base built into the side of a mountain.  It can withstand nuclear attacks and can support a fully operational crew of hundreds for six months, completely sealed off from the outside world.  While we were there, we had to stick with a Russian tour group because they didn't want to turn the lights on just for us.

More sneakin' around in the sub base.  The docent looked like someone that James Bond would garotte with a bike chain.  He was huge, and blond, and Russian, and he kept appearing behind us in tunnels, his imposing figure silhouetted menacingly in the dim distance.

This was Istanbul.  Underneath the car brige on the right is a bustling restaurant row.

This was a church in Istanbul filled with Byzantine mosaics.  Also, souvenirs.

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul has 4,500 shops under its roof, selling a total of about five different things: 1. copper vessels and trinkets 2. carpets 3. jewelry 4. Turkish delight 5. clothes of varying quality. 

Then, we came home.

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