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Since you asked:
Nikki & Dave are pretty cool.  They met rescuing orphans from a burning building.  " cherish human life too?" Since then, it's been nonstop fun and excitement, except for the long silences and uncomfortable stretches of boredom.

look how snuggly we areBoth Nikki and Dave work in the film industry -- Dave as a trailer editor and Nikki as a special effects makeup artist.  Dave also makes comics about stovepipe hats and velocipedes which run weekly in the print edition of The Onion. He posts new comics twice weekly at, and occasionally also makes films.

You can email Nikki or Dave for pretty much any reason (except to offer them sweet deals on pharmaceuticals):



this is a website containing information about nikki rice and david malki !
if you are not interested in us then you are in the wrong place
because that's what we're all about, buddy